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ULTRA ICE Full Spectrum Homeostasis Support


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Full Spectrum Homeostasis Support

Homeostasis is the scientific name for balance. UltraIce is designed to help you capture the balance that your body desperately needs. By combining our proprietary homeostasis support complex with our breakthrough Mimetix formula, UltraIce delivers hemp-free mind and body balance. Much like cannabinoids, the curcuminoids found in UltraIce have multiple naturally occurring structures. UltraIce is formulated using all three of these forms, also known as three-peak.

Research has also proven that three-peak curcuminoids modulate cannabinoid receptors. Why settle for inferior products that are limited in their scope when you could create an entourage effect of benefits? Our revolutionary technology allows the ingredients a more dynamic and effective internal delivery. Optimal body function is an elusive goal, but with the help of UltraIce, that balance can be achieved.

  • Infused with Mimetix
  • Three-peak curcuminoids
  • Hemp-free alternative