GAMA Italy Professional was founded by Mario Gardini in 1969, in the outskirts of industrial Bologna. From its origin, the company it was synonymous of research and innovation, launching the first ever consumer hair straightener in the world.

Since its establishment, GAMA has been a continued trusted brand in the Hair and Beauty Technology sector, thanks to its innovative approach to product design and development.

Over the years, continuous research in the field of hair-care has led to the design of groundbreaking technologies and practical features that make it easy and comfortable to achieve even the most elaborate hairstyles, while also maintaining and improving your hair’s health. From hair straighteners to hair dryers, curling irons to accessories, hair nourishing products to the men’s clippers, trimmers and more, GAMA prides itself on leading hair product solutions for everyone.

Its focus on innovation, technology, fashion and beauty trends has positioned GAMA as a brand whose products fulfill and exceed the everyday needs of salon activity, satisfying the most demanding professionals, while also catering to the everyday consumer.

Today the brand is present in over 50 countries worldwide, with main headquarters in San Pietro in Casale (BO) and four production sites divided between Brazil, Argentina, Italy and China.

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